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coffee empowering real people

Farmers, managers, processors, baristas show up each day at Yuni Coffee Co. to make great coffee. They are the true strength behind all that we do! Each employee, each farmer makes a difference to produce remarkable results.

'here' to make a difference


Since 2015, Yuni Coffee Company's mission remains the same—to provide hope and opportunity for families and their villages through the development of the specialty coffee industry in Northern Laos. "YUNI" means 'here' in the Lao language, and we are committed to on-the-ground efforts, creating partnerships with farming villages to see lasting change and development right within the communities and villages that our partners love and call home. The change is real, as the coffee industry is growing, one farming family at a time!'

our coffee

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We believe Lao coffee has a place on the specialty coffee map. Cool misty mornings in the dense forests of the Northern Lao highlands provide optimal growing conditions for our coffee. Shade-grown, hand-picked ripe coffee cherries are carefully processed and stored using modern, best practices. Each harvest, it takes a village working together with Yuni Coffee Co.'s team of specialists to craft some of the first specialty grade lots of coffee from our region. Have you tried Yuni Coffee yet?